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Exploring the Record-Breaking Health and Safety Performance of the 2012 Olympic Games

The London 2012 Olympic Games were the safest Olympics ever in terms of constructing the facilities. Here’s how and why these Games were the safest ... (more)

Waste company owner given suspended prison sentence for waste tyre offences

The owner of a tyre waste business has been given a 15 month custodial sentence, suspended for 2 years, and a 2 year supervision order after illegally... (more)

Supreme Court orders UK Government to slash pollution

The UK is in breach of European air quality standards and must draw up plans to reduce the amount of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere, the Supre... (more)

Lincoln man guilty of dumping waste near Leicestershire river

Waste dumped near a protected site of Special Scientific Interest and the River Mease led to prosecution and a fine. Frank Nicklinson, 39, from Lin... (more)

The ladies get rough at the first Mighty Mini race

Saturday 18th April saw the first might mini race being held at Oulton Park, Team CRS and driver Caroline had been eagerly looking forward to this... (more)

Full IEMA members earn £10,000 more than Affiliates IEMA survey reveals

IEMA members’ incomes rise and gender pay differences narrow, annual poll finds The 2015 IEMA survey of environment and sustainability practition... (more)

Sea Shepherds Operation Jairo: Protecting Endangered Sea Turtles in Florida, Honduras and Costa Rica

CRS is a supporter of the environment, the oceans and marine wildlife. It has been 100% carbon-free since 2005 and plants trees in the National Forest... (more)

Eight notices and £55K in fines and costs for Welsh waste site

A waste and recycling site in Carmarthen was in such a dangerous condition that visiting health and safety inspectors had to issue eight notices to im... (more)

Firms prosecuted after Manchester worker loses left leg

A Tameside factory worker had to have part of his left leg amputated after he was struck by an 850kg metal frame being delivered to a plant in Glossop... (more)

Lancashire toy firm fined £200K over warehouse roof death

A Lancashire-based toy distributor and a builder have been sentenced after a worker plunged to his death through a warehouse roof. Craig Gray, 39, fro... (more)