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Additional Work:
None, but there is a post-course opportunity to ‘test your thinking’ with 20 challenging questions

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Course Overview

The course is based on the best–selling Taylor & Francis book ‘Do the Right Thing: The Practical, Jargon-free Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility’ which was written Stephen Asbury and Richard Ball; both of whom work for Corporate Risk Systems Limited; and both of whom regularly teach the course.

A signed copy of the book is included within the course fee for each participant.

Stakeholders of all kinds – investors, employees, partners, customers, society – are becoming more aware of the need to take a proactive approach to social responsibility. Issues such as environmental protection, climate change, human rights and organisations’ impact on the community can no longer be ignored. Learn how to minimise impacts and maximise benefits with a structured programme of responsible competitiveness – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As CRS wrote the book on CSR (originally for IOSH, and transferred to T&F in 2014), this course is unique.Forget baffling jargon and complicated theory. Our course helps you get to grips with improving your organisation’s environmental management, sustainability, health and safety and trading ethics with straightforward guidance and tips. You’ll understand the basics, recognise the benefits and get ready to put principles into practice from day one.

Target audience

Health and safety managers, environment professionals, procurement and supply chain specialists, and other managers aiming to increase the social, environmental and economic benefits of CSR to their organisations

Assessment process

In-class mentoring by CSR specialists throughout

The course brings to life the book’s eight chapters in bite-sized modules taught over two days. The class covers the following key themes:·

  • What is CSR, and how did it evolve?
  • Benefits of CSR for your organisation
  • Brands, media and CSR
  • Issues in the supply chain
  • Reporting and verification
  • Developing a CSR programme
  • PSR (personal social responsibility)
  • Predicting the role for CSR in the future

By the conclusion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the relationship of CSR to health and safety, environmental management, sustainability and ethical trading
  • Be aware and ready to benefit from the benefits of a CSR programme to your organisation
  • Be ready to identify the key CSR impacts of your organisation and develop a programme to prevent, minimise, restore or offset their effects
  • Be familiar with key reporting standards and principles associated with CSR and how to use them
  • Have a clear understanding of how to combine business competitiveness with social responsibility
  • Have learned from real-world examples with case studies from organisations including Body Shop, BP, and the London Olympic Games
  • Have a ready-made information network with links to essential online resources related to CSR

There is a post-course opportunity to consolidate and confirm your knowledge with 20 challenging ‘test your thinking’ questions which are provided to all participants at the end of the course.

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