Business continuity planning

Henderson Risk Management provide a bespoke service for clients who want to manage the potential risks to their business and have plans in place designed to ensure the continuation of the business, despite a range of disaster scenarios.

Business Impact Analysis

The starting point is to identify what exactly the business provides to its clients and determine how long a business could survive if it failed to be able to deliver. We analyse the various threats to the business, which goes beyond the usual flood and fire disasters to include issues such as the loss of a major client, the breakdown of an essential item of plant or loss of data and computer systems.

The likelihood and consequence of each scenario is assessed in light of the existing business strategies in place. This identifies where the weaknesses are and what the company needs to do.

Disaster Recovery Plans

We work with the client in designing plans, firstly to prevent business threats actually affecting the business and then to mitigate these affects. We then advise on disaster recovery plans to get the business operating again within the timescales originally identified at the start of the process. The disaster recovery plan may include using alternative suppliers, sub-contracting work to third parties or relocating to a disaster recovery centre.

Ongoing Support

Business continuity needs to be managed so that the plans remain up to date and effective.
We work with clients in holding frequent reviews of their plans, checking assumptions against real time conditions, and in carrying out desk top exercises to check the plans would be effective if actually invoked.

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