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As you may have read on our About Us page, the earliest roots of CRS arise from the global consulting arm of Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance from around 1995. For readers who know the London insurance market and its service providers, CRS used to be Hazard Management Limited (HML) - led by Johann Meeke, George Blawatt and Bill Luttman.

As HML, and since, we have developed extensive experience of working with insurance brokers and underwriters to undertake surveys, projects, and to generally enhance and extend the level of service and value you can offer to your clients. We retained by several organisations as their strategic partners, and we welcome further partnering opportunities.

Our team of professionally qualified consultants is based in the UK, and has worked with brokers and underwriters in their client and prospect locations in more than 45 countries across Europe, in North, South and Central America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. We can provide our full range of consultancy products and services to your clients allowing you to combine insurance with health, safety and environmental training, auditing, and project specific activities.

Our 'standard' services to underwriters, brokers and their clients include all you would expect - Client servicing, Underwriting reports and LPP, Business continuity management, and Project risk management.

Examples of ten insurance-specific projects we have conducted in the last fifteen years are listed below:

Understandably, your requirements may be different. We would welcome a discussion on your specific needs, and you should contact Stephen Asbury at advice@crsrisk.com for a confidential meeting. Our combination of experience, knowledge and qualifications makes CRS your ideal partner in delivering tailored risk solutions to your clients and the market.

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